Locate the geo-hub in which your bike is in and collect it from there.


Unlock your bike scanning the QR code or manually to start riding.


Ride your bike anywhere any time as per your convenience.

we are

We are a Belgium based company that’s specialised in developing smart, share bikes and mobility platforms for Public and Private Companies. We have the courage to think different within everything we do.

To achieve the highest standards, we offer you a bike that’s 100% custom build. Cesano can create the bike of the future for your enterprise. The mobility trends we see today have never been more exciting and promising. A world without traffic jams may still seem far-fetched, but we at Cesano would like to bring this vision to life step by step, ride by ride. As a partner to cities, transit authorities, and customers Cesano transforms urban areas by providing convenient and sustainable mobility solutions. With our mobility services we simplify urban mobility and encourage people to switch to shared mobility.

Together with our partners we are shaping the future of mobility.

Dive into this new world with us, get inspired, experience something new and explore the benefits every day.

At Cesano, we present you the sheer pleasure of sharing. From the insights we have gained from the cyclist's point of view, we have come to the conclusion that Mobility is so much more than commuting in the cheapest or most efficient way. It’s all about “the experience” you get from the ride, this is just what we have done, the app allows the user to think and perceive about his/her surroundings. The experience during a ride is stimulated by the new approach. At Cesano we even call it Maas 2.0

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